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Zhang Yiwen went to Canwell to investigate the science and technology research project

Tiempo de publicación:2020-08-06 11:05

On June 3, Zhang Wan, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, accompanied by Wang Jianguo, director of Jinhua Bureau of Science and Technology, Yuan Yuefei, Deputy Director of Jinhua Bureau of Science and Technology, and relevant leaders of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, went to the company to investigate key scientific research projects and tackle key problems. Zhang Yiwen line visited the institute, member of expert workstation key enterprises in zhejiang province, zhejiang university medical materials joint research and development center, examined the GMP workshop, production processing center, the chairman of the company shirakawa of the spine, artificial joints, dental implants, the introduction of projects such as research and development situation of biological materials, ask for details of the company in recent years of scientific research innovation, research situation and major scientific research project in the construction of zhejiang province natural science foundation of mutual funds, and know the development direction of the next few years the company products, for the company's achievements in recent years to give the full affirmation,And the company's innovative research and development products transformation and upgrading, to achieve import substitution high hopes.

He pointed out that Kehui medical treatment should make full use of the strong scientific research force, advanced equipment, overcome the impact and difficulties brought by the epidemic, give full play to the spirit of artisans, create Chinese high-quality products, do fine, do strong and big domestic orthopaedic brand.

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