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The leadership of the province investigate the work of innovative talents in Canwell

Tiempo de publicación:2020-08-06 00:00

On the afternoon of July 9, zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology Secretary He Xingren and his party accompanied by Jinhua Vice Mayor Zhang Xinyu went to Canwell For investigation and research.Wang Jianguo, director general of Jinhua Bureau of Science and Technology, Yuan Yuefi, Deputy Director general, and leaders of Jinhua Development Zone Management Committee accompanied the investigation.

Exhibition hall in the company, chairman of the board of directors of the company, he combined with trauma, spine and joints, dental implants, new products, such as antibacterial coating to any secretary of a line of this paper briefly introduces the development process, product characteristics and the future development plan, and is the national key research and development plans to undertake project and leading innovation team report and so on the discussion.

What secretary pointed out after the briefing, secco medical insist on the road of independent research and development, give full play to the scientific research institutes in the restructuring and international brand OEM quality advantage, focus on cutting-edge technology, biomedical materials construct platform for talents converging, focus on research the field of bone repair materials through key technical bottleneck industry, provide power for economic development in this field, for the construction of high level in our province with the international competitiveness of life and health, new materials innovation highlands and promote our country made positive contributions to the development of orthopaedic biomaterials.She said that provincial and municipal departments should strongly support the cultivation of innovative talent teams in enterprises, and encourage Kehui to further aim at the development goals of the big health industry and continuously strengthen and expand, so as to achieve high-quality development.

Later, Secretary He and his party visited the provincial key enterprise Research Institute, postdoctoral workstation and production workshop of the company.

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